From equipment to emails: A cybersecurity primer | FE Unscripted

Disruptive events, like a global pandemic, creates opportunity for digital crime, according to Mimecast, a company specializing in cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, including security, archiving, and continuity services to protect business mail. And transportation has been a high-level target in the past several weeks. According to a recent report released by Mimecast, transportation was one of the top three sectors targeted throughout the first 100 days, and it was the only industry that was attacked with increased frequency nearly each week. Given the huge number of connected trucks and equipment you run, it's time to take cybersecurity seriously. It's not enough to leave it up to your IT department--everyone plays a role in keeping businesses safe, and that goes double for your rolling equipment. I connected with Carl Wearn, Mimecast's head of risk and resilience, e-crime and cybersecurity, to talk through the protective measures and practices fleet managers need to take to keep their equipment and drivers safely connected. Watch the video above for all of the insight.