Sarah Sanders on Trump Tax Return: We're Not Interested In Playing "Political Games" With Dems In Congress

WH press secretary Sarah Sanders spoke to reporters the White House lawn Thursday morning, responding to questions about Attorney General Barr and the release of the Mueller Report and the House Democrats' request for President Trump's tax returns. <blockquote>KRISTEN WELKER, NBC NEWS: Can we get your reaction to the reports overnight that some of the investigators with special counsel Robert Mueller feel as though Attorney General Bill Barr's summary failed to acknowledge and detail some of the troubling aspects of-- SARAH SANDERS: You mean that allegedly leaked confidential information? Look, I have full confidence in the Attorney General and his assessment. He's one of the most respected members of the law community in the country. I think he's laid out very clearly what his assessment is and I have full confidence in that. And Kristen, let's not forget that the people who have been involved in this process. They've wasted two years of their life and they need to find a way to validate it. They lost in 2016, they lost on the collusion battle, and now they're looking for any and everything they can to continue to attack this president because they have no message. They have nothing to talk in contrast with him, so the only idea they have is to attack the president. And clearly, it is not working because he is doing quite well and so is the country. REPORTER: Can you confirm that if Democrats do get the president's tax returns there is no evidence of criminal activity in those returns? His former personal attorney has suggested the president committed tax fraud. SARAH SANDERS: Look, I'm not aware of any of those ongoings. What I can tell you is the president has filled out hundreds of pages of a financial disclosure form which puts all of his business dealings in that, like every other member of government has to do, and it gives you a great look at the president's financial holdings, his business, and how successful he was over his lifetime. REPORTER: The law says the IRS has to give up the president's tax returns if the chairman of the House Ways and Means requests them. Will the president instruct the IRS to give up those tax returns or will the president seek some type of a fight to keep those returns from being released? SARAH SANDERS: We’re not interested in playing a bunch of political games like the Democrats in Congress clearly want to spend their time doing. The president is focused on actually solving real problems like the crisis at the border, dealing with healthcare, and a number of other fronts. We're not engaging in that and <A href="">the president commented on it yesterday</a>, I don't see any indication that has changed. </blockquote>