Panic Attack Help - Cannabis, Meditation, What Else?

<p>Tomorrow I&#39;m going to the doctor because I&#39;m having chest pain and it&#39;s freaking me out!! I have some family history of heart issues so I&#39;m paranoid. Most people think I&#39;m having panic attacks and my husband and I looked online at ways to help with panic attacks. Although it didn&#39;t say necessarily, I believe that cannabis has been helping with my overall anxiety for 15 years now! I haven&#39;t had to be on any medication or do anything more for depression or anxiety which to me is great! But now, the chest pain isn&#39;t going away when I just relax and hit the I&#39;m a bit more worried. BUT, if it&#39;s not an actual heart issue, it&#39;s likely just panic attacks. What more can I do help?! We got some lavender candles and lotion today. Went on a casual easy bike ride. I&#39;m trying to focus. I bought a book about anxiety that I&#39;m about to read. What else do you do?!</p>