How to check spread of Covid's Delta Plus variant? Dr Randeep Guleria explains

AIIMS chief Dr Randeep Guleria spoke on if Delta Plus has become a variant of concern. Dr Guleria said that the spread of the new variant could be checked through proper Covid protocols. He said, “We need to understand the difference between variant of interest & variant of concern. The virus will continue to mutate, it is estimated that it mutates twice a month. But everytime it mutates, it is not something that one has to worry about. The virus has become more infectious as compared to the previous strain. If the virus causes more hospitalisations & deaths, it becomes a variant of concern. Currently, we have only around 42 cases of the Delta Plus variant of Covid. So, it's difficult to say that the Delta plus variant is creating problems in India. But we need to keep a close watch at any surge in cases that is registered. We need to aggressively test, track & develop containment strategies.”