Kabul: Women's posters defaced, lips & eyes painted; 1st Afghan woman mayor's plan to fight Taliban

Afghanistan's first woman mayor, who fled to Germany recently, has lashed out at the Taliban. Zarifa Ghafari said she is considering meeting politicians, officials & women of different nations. Drawing attention to the Afghan crisis, the 26-year-old said she would ask them to join the movement. Ghafari also blamed people of her country for the return of the insurgent group to power. Meanwhile, Posters of women on the walls of beauty salons in Kabul were vandalised. In videos, the posters are seen to have been defaced & the eyes, lips were painted. On Tuesday, the Taliban asked working women to stay at home until the security situation improves. The insurgent group has been infamous for curbing women’s rights during its 1996-2001 tenure. In their second stint, the Taliban have, however, promised rights for women. Zarifa Ghafari was Afghanistan's first woman mayor of Maidan Shahr city that lies west of Kabul. She is among those who fled from war-torn Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover.