Season 2, Episode 19

<p>45:36/57:39</p> <p></p> <p>Season 2, Episode 19 w/Guests: Emily Hartley, Steel Skye and Dillian Davis</p> <p>Join us for Season 2, Episode 19 w/guests: Music; Steel Skye Health: Emily Hartley and a discussion of NLP and EFT, trauma and recovery from trauma. In the Green Zone: Dillian Davis and a discussion of normalizing cannabis as medicine, ending prohibition and how his brand SPARKANSAS aims to do that. Papa Rap gives us Spanish interpretations before each segment with his pal Luis on percussion (and Topher Kogen) Visit Papa Rap at Enjoy and thanks for listening! Sponsored in part by: Collaborative sponsorships with: Hair Extensions by Miss J. The Culture Cafe Out of Hand Artist Collective Much Gratitude!</p>