Is the Future of Cannabis Big Tobacco & Alcohol? - ICC Interview: Shanita Penny - Budding Solutions

<p>Ep. 13 - Is the Future of Cannabis Big Tobacco &amp; Alcohol?</p> <p>As the world looks on, the U.S. slowly makes its way towards legalizing cannabis at the federal level. But has the stalling just been because politicians were waiting for the bigger pocket books of tobacco and alcohol to pay their way to federal legalization and industry control? Shanita Penny, Founder of Budding Solutions, former President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association and well know industry advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility and sound ESG practices serves on the &ldquo;Center for Excellence&rdquo; advisory group meant to help guide the recently formed Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education and Regulation. With companies like Constellation Brands, Altria, Molson Coors, and the National Association of Convenience Stores at the helm, why the need for a new organization when many others exist has been often speculated on by cannabis industry veterans.</p> <p>In this episode of the International Cannabis Conversation, Chris Day and Shanita Penny discuss the pros, cons, and hopes the &ldquo;Center for Excellence&rdquo; has for the future of cannabis and companies that could change the global landscape. </p> <p>Budding Solutions Website: </p> <p>Facebook: </p> <p>Twitter: @BudSol4U</p> <p>Instagram: @BuddingSolutions</p> <p>Shanita Penny&#39;s LinkedIn:</p> <p>Hosted by Chris Day and Jill Reddish of The Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC), The International Cannabis Conversation takes a look into what&#39;s driving the global business landscape of cannabis. They discuss international cannabis challenges &amp; solutions, and trials &amp; lessons.</p> <p>Music - &quot;Plantains and Bananas&quot; by Noah Peterson GCNC Website:</p> <p>To reach the show:</p>