E57P1: The Podheads vs COVID-19! Plans are set this summer 2020 for Disney and Six Flags! No Lines!

<p>Welcome ladies and gentlemen to episode 57 of #ThePodheads Web Show. In this segment, the buds light up and catch up. JB is headed back to work in Massachusetts and Frank is going to Six Flags in Georgia even though coronavirus numbers are up again around the country. The Podheads discuss what the new normal is under #COVID-19 now with businesses opening back up. Masks, hygiene, limited occupancy, decontamination, and NO LINES! Disney probably going to sell at $1000 a ticket now says C-Money. #getinthecipher with us and find part 2 right here on YOUTUBE.</p> <p>Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:</p> <p>@podheadswebshow @podheadfrank @makincmoney @podheadsjb</p>