ROLLOUTS - Winning Foot Skills 2 • Ages 10-13

ROLL OUTS – Winning Foot skills 2 for Ages 10-13. Former US National Champion, Eric De Sousa teaches the second progression in Foot Skills; a drill on roll outs to handle pressure on the pitch. You can use the same cone set up as for 'Toe Walks'. Players start in the same position in their lane and will roll the ball from side to side this time using the sole of their foot to pull the ball towards the outside of that foot and then push it back and across to the other foot to do the same. They will move forward and backwards (by pointing their toe inwards) through their lane. It’s important to stay light on the feet, using a fluid motion and with knees bent for a lower center of gravity. Players should keep their eyes up and be alert to their surroundings; in this case the coaches signals for the next movement in the drill. Once again, finish the drill with a burst forward into space with a positive touch on the ball, through the lane and tap the ball into the small goal. Practice this drill for 5-10 minutes every other day.