Smoking From The FRONT Of The Joint

I am finally back for another smoke sesh. I smoke the rest of an old joint and even attempt to smoke from the front. This was filmed on a school day and I went to a playground not to far from my college to spark. Luckily there weren’t any kids so I was pretty much free to blaze as much as I wanted. I had about an hour in between classes so i just said “Fuck it” and decided to provide more content for you guys. I’m loaded with extra videos for you guys. This was made February 4th. If you like this video SUBSCRIBELikeCommentWill be doing a 100 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY! Almost there, you guys! Less than 10 subscribers left so again, if you’d like a chance to win, SUBSCRIBE!!! Will be giving away a FREE SILICONE PIPE!Follow me on Instagram code “DANK” will get you 15% OFF on Pipes, oil rigs, bongs, bubblers, etc. onhttps://www.inhalethewave.comFollow my twitter: