Bruce Banger Feminized by Seedsman Seeds, Week 7 (veg)

<p>Hey Growmies! Quick update of Seedsman&#39;s Banger..besides a little bit of heat stress everything is going great! They&#39;re eatinga ton and lots of growth the last few days, very hearty strain..this will probably be the last update of these girls before they start their 2nd week of flower..we all know veg isn&#39;t all that exciting lol ..thanks as always for dropping by and happy harvests everyone!!</p> <p>Light: SP-3000 (29 inches/100%)<br /> Pot: 5gal<br /> Nutrients:<br /> FF Grow: 5ml/gal<br /> FF B.B: 10ml/gal<br /> calmag: 2ml/gal</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>