TURN & SHOOT - Winning Shooting Skills • Ages 10-13

TURN & SHOOT - Winning Shooting Skills for Ages 10-13. USSF Certified Coach and former NAIA All-American Mike Araujo shows an essential soccer skill for forwards to break away from their mark and score. The player receives a pass, and imagining they have a defender right on their back they take a sharp touch in one direction to create space for a shot. This drill should only have two touches, one to create space and one to shoot, to ensure it happens at a realistic speed. Forwards often have to play with their back to goal to be a passing option for their midfielders. In this situation they frequently either one-touch pass the ball away, or stop and hold it up allowing their teammates to get forward. If they can add to their abilities the option to quickly create space and shoot as this drill shows, it will allow them to create many more scoring opportunities, as well as make defenders more worried about pressuring them too fast from behind which will allow the forward more space to play.