MP Rosin- Red & Purple Rosin (Sponsored by Dulytek)

<p>This rosin was pressed on a Dulytek&reg; DHP7 V3 All-In-One Hydraulic Heat Press</p> <p>The Daddy #4-6 bud was grown with the Mars Hydro SP250, Remo Nutrients Supercharged Kit and other accessories from Urban Greenhouse.</p> <p>To see more pictures of Daddy #4-6 and other pheno&#39;s of Daddy #4 check out our Instagram, link down below</p> <p>Head on over to our website for everything about cannabis and more<br /></p> <p>Get your grow equipment at enter MP2019 to get 3% off your order!</p> <p>For our local fans head to Urban Greenhouse for all your growing supplies<br /></p> <p>Amazon Store<br /></p> <p>For all your Rosin needs go to<br /></p> <p>Get your Marijuana Gummy Leaf Candy Molds at PJ Bold enter MANTHA for %25 off<br /></p> <p>Instagram<br /> </p> <p>Facebook Page<br /></p> <p>Facebook Group<br /></p> <p>Twitter<br /></p> <p>The WeedTube<br /></p> <p>Get your own seeds here<br /> Seedsman<br /></p> <p>Sensi Seeds<br /></p> <p>Dutch Passion<br />;utm_campaign=5v&amp;utm_source=leaddyno&amp;utm_medium=affiliate</p> <p>Crop King Seeds<br /></p> <p>True North Seedbank<br /></p> <p>Marijuana Seeds NL<br /></p> <p>Seed Supreme<br /></p>