PULL BACK & PUSH - Winning Foot Skills 3

PULL BACK & PUSH - Winning Foot Skills 3. Coach Troy Edwards, a former NCAA Champion and MLS player, demonstrates the final foot skills progression to complete a series of exercises for all levels of soccer players, from youth to professional. This soccer drill helps to practice and master complete foot dexterity and ball control. This pull back and push movement works by shielding the ball with your body in a cruyff turn-like motion. The ball starts in front of the players body, then using the soul of the foot dragging the ball back. Once the ball is behind your planting foot, the inside of your active foot pushes the ball in an L turn movement. The player then catches the ball with the soul of the other foot repeating the motion with a pull back and push. Always make sure the player is light on their feet for a quick reaction to catch the ball after each push behind the planting foot. It is essential that these foot skills are worked on daily, in any setting. Players should start the drill very slowly to get a feel for the movements and pattern, and speed up as they get comfortable.