Biden: "I'm Tired Of Talking About Donald Trump, I Don't Want To Talk About Him Anymore"

Former President Joe Biden said at a CNN town hall event on Tuesday that he is tired of talking about former President Donald Trump while criticizing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic stimulus money. <blockquote>QUESTION:  Thank you.  My partner and I own a small brewery in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, and we have nine amazing employees.  We rely primarily on selling our beer out of our taproom, and with the pandemic, our business has gone down about 50 percent.    Now, we've relied primarily on loans, grants, as well as our own reserves, to survive.  However, the new assistance has been too slow, and recently it's gotten more restrictive on how we can apply it.  What will you do so that small mom-and-pop businesses like ours will survive over large corporate entities?     BIDEN:  Change it drastically -- first of all, by making sure we have inspectors general.      You may remember, when the first bill passed, you may remember there was a guy running saying what's going to happen is the banks aren't going to lend you the money.  They're going to ask you a question, "Do you have your credit with us?  How many loans do you have with us?  What is your -- what credit cards do you have with us?  How" -- because, even though they were being underwritten, and we bailed their rear ends out last time out, they weren't -- it was too much trouble to lend to you.     What -- what did the president do?  And I don't want to pick on the -- I shouldn't -- I'm tired of talking about Donald Trump, don't want to talk about him anymore, but in -- the last administration spent time, a lot of time, talking about how there was no need for inspector generals.  We find out that 40 percent of the money, the PPE loans to go to -- PPP loans to got to small businesses -- went to -- went to corporations that were multi-million dollar corporations.     You're going to see an investigation showing that a lot of this was fraudulent, where it went.     So what I'm doing is I provide $60 billion for you to be able to make capital investments in order to be able to open safely and make sure you're in a position that you can do the things that are recommended.  </blockquote>