Never Run Out of Weed: Stoner Networking 101

Welcome to Cannabis Networking 101! This is especially for those of you who don't enjoy legal dispensaries in your area just yet. This is originally a video I filmed in 2012. What is the #1 most important skill a Cannabis consumer should have? Its not taking big long hits. Its not growing Marijuana because that's not required for everyone. Its Networking. If you know how to Network the Cannabis topic with those you know, you will never run out of friends to smoke with....and by extension; never run out of Marijuana sources. You can help me LOTS just by shopping at my Amazon Store...all grow gear and paraphernalia hand-picked by me: Don't want to network? Learn to grow your own: Have an important question for me? Need to get in touch? See my 420 Club for more info: My FB: My Twitter: