DEFENDING VS 2 ATTACKERS. In this soccer defending tutorial, Former National Champion Player and experienced youth soccer coach Eric De Sousa teaches how to defend against multiple attackers. The defender starts with the ball, standing between two small goals and opposite two attackers. The defender will pass to one of the attackers, and when they receive it the play is live and the defender will close them down. The aim of the attackers is to score in either goal, while the defender must either steal possession or knock the ball out of play. At first, the defender should look to close down the space, delay the play, and cut off the passing lane between the two attackers through body positioning. If the pass is cut off, it becomes a 1v1 and the defender should close down the opponent on the ball further to force the attacker to commit to a dribble to one side at which point the defender should look to make the tackle. This drill is important for defenders because a 2v1 is one of the most dangerous scenarios as it presents a promising scoring opportunity for the offense. If a defender is well practiced in this situation, they will often be able to delay the play until more teammates get back to help or put the ball out of play, denying a scoring chance. Successfully defending a 2v1 in a match can often be the difference between a win and a loss. Mastering this situation is an essential part of learning how to defend in soccer for fullbacks, center backs, and defensive midfielders.