I Am Broken | Why, and why it's okay | GirlAlive Gets Deep

<p>wtf... Audio was fine during edit, idk why it is so tinny here. I can try to fix it later.<br /> <br /> What do you do when you feel like you have something important to share but can&#39;t even sit up straight? Lean against the wall and record anyway.<br /> <br /> It has been a rough week. Norovirus, burst ovarian cyst, a coldsore, and then my period. It has been an onslaught of poor-health on top of already pretty crappy health. So, thank you for that body. I am slowly recovering, but that also means that my mind is going way more than my body can handle.<br /> <br /> I really wanted to talk about this while I could still remember what it was that triggered the thoughts. So I sat my sick ass up and immediately questioned if I actually wanted to record this video. found a good position leaning against the wall and made it 20 minutes before I was too dizzy and nauseated to keep going.<br /> <br /> I get very real in this video, so try to actually listen &lt;3<br /> <br /> Much love to you all.</p> <p>~GirlAlive~</p> <p>P.S. I&#39;ve gotten past the virus part, my body is just taking it&#39;s time to recover fully with everything.</p>