India's health ministry reviews preparedness for management of heat-related illnesses

STORY: India's health ministry reviews preparedness for management of heat-related illnessesSHOOTING TIME: April 6, 2024DATELINE: April 6, 2024LENGTH: 00:01:15LOCATION: New DelhiCATEGORY: HEALTHSHOTLIST:1. various of India gate2. various of Indian government buildings3. various of intense heat waves4. various of trafficSTORYLINE:As India is faced with extreme heat between April and June, the health ministry has held a review meeting on public health preparedness for heat-related illnesses in the South Asian country, officials said Thursday.   Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya at the meeting held on Wednesday stressed the need to build a central database with inputs from the states to share field-level data on cases of illnesses and deaths related to heat waves.   "Timely advice and wide awareness among the people on the preventive measures will hugely support in reducing the severe impact of such heat waves," the minister noted.   The meeting has also called for better coordination and collaborative efforts in an efficient management of heat-related illnesses.   The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday said the country will face extreme heat from April to June.   The time frame will mostly coincide with the general elections scheduled for April 19 to June 1 in India.   Meanwhile, India's National Program for Climate Change and Human Health in a public health advisory on extreme heat has warned that physical exertion, direct sun exposure, overcrowding and difficult access to shade or water may worsen the health of vulnerable people.  Heat-related illnesses include heat rash, heat oedema (swelling in hands, feet, or ankles), fainting and heat stroke, among others.Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from New Delhi.(XHTV)