Arise #12 Do Colder Temps Reduce Stretch

<p>Hola mis amigos. Hope all my cannafam is doing good out there in the world. Starting Week 2 of flower and I did go ahead and cull the male Arise plant. I just placed it in one of the extra tents I have for the mean time, I plan on just tossing it in our dead leave pile outside, we&#39;ve just had crazy bad snow/ice and it&#39;s harder to get around in the backyard. So, I&#39;ll just wait til it&#39;s nicer. The other plants are doing good. The BD seems to be stretching a bit more than the Arise but it&#39;s a little more open. It has some more space between the nodes where the Arise is a bit more compact and it looks like the stacking is going to be much better. Another awesome thing I&#39;ve kinda been waiting to talk about until I actually get some shifts under my belt and make sure it&#39;s real, I did get some part time work at my go to dispensary Barn 66 and I&#39;m also working the lounge side. I&#39;ve actually worked a shift in both places now and I LOVE IT. This was the big break I was looking for. I just need to stay vigilant, passionate, and positive. Keeping the grind going like I have been. This was why I started the channel, was to show my passion for the plant and what I could offer someone, so getting a job in the industry was one of my main goals and I can officially check that off and add a couple more goals. You guys are another huge boost of inspiration for me, so I wanted to thank each and every one of you as well for your continued support. I hope you all continue to follow along with my path and can also learn something from myself. Much love all.</p> <p>Songs in this video are Bear Hats by Smartface, In &amp; Out of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix)(Instrumental Version) by The Eastern Plain, Tigerblood Jewel, and Don&#39;t Waste My Time (Instrumental Version) by Dayon. I tried a free month of Epidemic Sound and this is where I obtained these audio tracks. It ended up just being too expensive for what it was and I&#39;ve decided to try other options.</p> <p>Hope you all enjoyed the video! Please don&rsquo;t forget to Like and Subscribe if you enjoy my content in order to help get my name out there. Thanks again for all your support. I really want to start a career in the industry. If I can get my name out there and someone is willing to take a chance on me, because they see my determination and drive to want to succeed is what I need. I&#39;m taking things into my own hands, but sometimes a little help along the way can be what makes/breaks you. Remember to be kind to one another and much love!</p> <p>Song in the Outro is Never You Mind by Dan Lebowitz, found on YouTube&rsquo;s Audio Library.</p> <p>You can now find me over at Cannabuzz as well! I suggest you all to check it out and give me a follow and that you found out about it from my channel if you really want to help me out.</p> <p>I&rsquo;m also over on Instagram! I&rsquo;ve had an on/off relationship with Instagram but I&rsquo;m trying to be more relevant over there as well to help increase my traffic on the ole YouTubes.</p> <p>If there is anything I can do to help make your viewing experience better or you just wanted to ask me something, you can feel free to email me at! Thanks again for all your support and donations are very much appreciated. Hope you have a great day and please be kind to one another!</p>