Crying Baby Soothed By Harry Styles Songs | Happily TV

An adorable five-month-old baby girl has gone viral her mom showed how listening to the British pop star Harry Styles immediately calms her down. For baby Elsie, stopping her crying when mom Kyla Sieges calls her Alexa to play Styles' music is just a sign of the times we live in – the voice-activated device confirming the selection and immediately bringing a smile to Elsie's face. In the wholesome viral video, Elsie can first be seen lying on her mat in not the best of moods, her sweater reading "You're So Golden," a line from one of Harry Styles' songs. Within a couple of seconds, though, Kyla, from Winston Salem, North Carolina, shouts out to her speaker, "Alexa, play 'Golden' by Harry Styles." Almost immediately, Elsie stops crying in preparation for what's to come, as Alexa declares, "'Golden' by Harry Styles, on Amazon Music." Then, as the upbeat song begins to play, Elsie's dismay suddenly turns to delight, as she smiles, squeals with joy and wriggles about to the song.