<p>The Mars Hydro FC-E 4800 LED Grow Light&rsquo;s innovative detachable design allows commercial growers, home garden hobbyists, or anyone in between to create a grow space lighting layout that&rsquo;s perfect for them. Additionally, Mars Hydro&rsquo;s new chip arrangement offers smoother and more efficient distribution of light for better yields and a more consistent harvest. The new Mars Hydro FC 6500 LED Grow Light is designed for the highest yields and greatest efficiency of any compatible LED grow light. This beast of a light features Samsung Lm301b and Osram 660nm diodes for stunningly high output and low heat, which mean lower costs for you - all with an upgraded full spectrum white light - perfect for plants at all stages - from veg to bloom. The Mars Hydro TS 3000 is a perfect grow light for the home or small garden grower. It uses white LEDs to replace natural light and provide the plants with necessary nutrients. The reflective design ensures greater intensity and light scattering while being one of the most efficient LED grow lights for the price. The Mars Hydro SP 250 Full Spectrum LED Grow Bar is a great choice for seedling to harvest grows in a grow tent or indoor grow room. The SP-250 only uses 196 watts of power while providing full spectrum light to a 2&#39; x 4&#39; flowering area! Suitable for primary or supplemental lighting the SP 250 is the choice of devoted growers everywhere. Upgrade your indoor garden with the SP 250 and start seeing improved results right away. The upgrade version of SP250-2021 Upgarded SP3000 led grow light,With the highest level components it uses such as Sumsung and Osram 660 chips, Meanwell driver, thick aluminum heatsink and dimming function,easy to connect and control lights up to 20pcs,the best choice for commercial grow Orange Bud fem is a part of an original and one of the best skunk forms we&rsquo;ve seen yet. Throughout the early 80s, Orange Bud was selected from outstanding Skunk genetics, an exceptionally productive and very stable variety that grows with every growing season well outside or indoors. New growers can also find Orange Bud easy to cultivate, yielding gracious levels of crystal-coated thick, hard bud and reddish-orange hair. It is a beneficial, productive pot with 90 percent Sativa genetics, suitable for large smokers who like to continue to stay enthusiastic. A marijuana hybrid of two separate Original Skunks, this same grower is still yet to declare the specifics of the genetic makeup. However, what is certain is that it was an Indica-dominant strain that offered peace to an elevated, peaceful body. It&rsquo;s perfect for smokers who choose to be healthy while also feeling head-high, pleasant positive to perform non-vigorous stuff Here are the links for Mars hydro CA:https://bit.ly/2zzwAUL US: https://ebay.to/2YTqtoS EU: https://marshydro.eu Tent: https://ebay.to/2z1sUuR Email Foxx.Farmscannabis@gmail.com Seeds https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/?aff=4483 #MARSHYDRO #OFFICAL-MARSHYDRO #KUSHSANTA</p>