Harvest Video - End of Season 1

<p>What up ya&#39;ll Thanks so much for watching MY grow series contributing to the conversations and having open discusion and thought provoking convos. I had a lot of fun talking to all of you making this a weekly series and overall just documenting my runs. I&#39;ve never recorded any past runs before so it&#39;s fun to do and a whole different strategy to it. I&#39;m in no way good at making grow tent videos but I&#39;ve been watching channels like Urbanremo (https://www.youtube.com/c/urbanremo) and I&#39;m gona try to shoot like they do moving forward.......</p> <p><br /> Speaking of moving forward! I&#39;m happy to say I&#39;ll be coming back with Growing w/ Wojy Season 2- With 5! thats right 5 strain this time (the maximun stat limit for med patients). We&#39;re going to be implementing crazy LST technique among exploring KNF/bokashi/and other hippie methods. Things I find interesting and that I use day to day in my garden.</p> <p><br /> Subscribe and Like</p> <p><br /> ___________________________<br /> WojySmokes on all socials<br /> -------------------------------------------</p>