STANCE & HAND POSITIONING - Winning Goalkeeping Skills

STANCE & HAND POSITIONING – Winning Goalkeeping Skills. Former Division 1 Goalkeeper, Brian Galvin, teaches a drill for young goalies focusing on stance, footwork and hand positioning. Set up the goalie’s starting position in the center of the 6-yard box between the goal line and the edge of the box. Set up two cones on the 6 yard line centered and about 8 yards apart. Start the drill with no ball, focusing on players using footwork to get into the correct stance quickly; on their toes, knees bent, leaning forward with their hands positioned in front and ready. This simulates the goalie advancing in preparation for a shot. After a number of successful reps, move the goalie to each cone on the 6 yard line facing to the side. Practice moving quickly to the center of the cones and into the ready stance once again. This simulates play moving quickly from the wing to the center of the field and the goalie quickly readjusting their position on the goal. Next, advance the starting position of the goalie to 4 yards outside the box and have them take a quick backpedal to the line and into the ready stance. This simulates the goalie moving back towards the line from a more advanced position. Now repeat the drills with a ball, by throwing the ball head height to the goalie for them to catch, once they are in position. The next progression of the drill is to roll low balls to the keepers. This time the goalie will bend one knee forward one knee back, keeping their chest and head over the ball, their elbows tight together and will scoop and cage the ball into their chest. Avoid keepers having straight arms and straight backs with their knee rested on the ground or positioning the legs wide and trying to save with just their arms. The last progression of the drill is to practice diving saves. With the same footwork and stance, now roll the ball to the side for a diving save. Goalies should take one step towards the ball, lean their hands and head towards the ball and make the save landing on their side.