Grandparents Travel Hours To Surprise Granddaughter On Grandparents Day | Happily TV

A girl upset she’d have nobody at her school “Grandparents Day” as they live in another state ran through her class in delight when she saw her grandparents traveled hours to surprise her. Five-year-old Josephine is extremely close to her mom's parents, Barbara, 68, and Jerome, 69, but moved from upstate New York to south New Jersey to be nearer her father's side of the family. Josephine was comfortable with the move to New Jersey, her mom, Brianna Bristol, 27, said, and still enjoys when Barbara and Jerome come to visit. But ahead of her Grandparents Day, Josephine was upset she might be the only one without grandparents present. Barbara and Jerome, though, had other ideas, and when they heard about the day through Brianna, they did all they could to be there. After planning for months in advance they decided to head down the night before and turn up at Josephine's school for a big surprise. Having arrived at the elementary school on April 16, the pair made their way to their granddaughter’s classroom, where Jerome started to record a video on his cellphone.