Targeting Jumbo Sea Bass with Artificial Lures

On The Water's resident black sea bass savant Anthony DeiCicchi breaks down the rigging, lure selection, depths, bottom structure, and more for targeting the biggest sea bass on the reef, wreck, or ledge. 00:00 Introduction 01:44 Rigging for Black Sea Bass 08:42 Single Baits for Jumbo Black Sea Bass 09:23 Depths for catching Black Sea Bass 10:00 Teaser sizes and colors 11:47 Rigging jig with DoormatadorZ teaser 12:34 Profiles for Jumbo Black Sea Bass 14:15 Bottom Structure Selection 16:05 Later Season Structure and Depths 17:00 Anthony's largest black sea bass 19:38 Anthony's sea bass mount from Catch and Release Artistry 20:00 Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Derby Awards 20:52 Lures that caught large Black Sea Bass 21:25 Opening Day Black Sea Bass 2021 24:21 Benefits of DoormatadorZ for Black Sea Bass 26:00 Importance of putting ElaZtech baits back in their original packaging 26:47 Zman Bait LockerZ bag 27:30 Wrap up DoormatadorZ: ElaZtech Storage Products: Have questions for Anthony? Leave your question in the comments below.