Rolling Along The Anatomy Trains - Promo Trailer (1080p)

Join Tom Myers and & Jill Miller as they take you on an immersive tour of your body. Using the idea of spatial and embodied medicine, Jill and Tom give you the “keys to empowered self myofascial mobilization (massage)”. Tom’s anatomy rich lectures make all the fascial connections while Jill travels you through those connections using Roll Model Therapy Balls. Lighten your body burden, increase anatomical understanding and feel better in your body. About ROLLING ALONG THE ANATOMY TRAINS A Comprehensive Tour of Self-Myofascial Mapping, Mobilization and Embodiment Join two expert tour guides as you roll through the Anatomy Trains to lighten and enlighten your body. This innovative collaboration in connected self-treatment combines research, practical application and a wealth of clinical experience. Jill Miller and Tom Myers prepare you with the latest in soft-tissue science and take you on a deep dive into unique self-massage sequences that help you directly contact the Anatomy Trains and build your tactile self-treatment map. Awaken your embodied senses as you travel deep inside and take in the enormous view of your body’s inner space.