BAD MUTHAPUFFA Vlogmas Day 1 | Tyler Therapy

<p>WHAT&#39;S PUFFIN MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>OMG! WHAT THE PUFF! I am so irritated at the fact that it took this long for me to get my very first #VLOGMAS video up here! It was a very rough start MUTHAPUFFAS! I had a storage issue and then accidentally ended up deleting all my MUTHAPUFFIN videos! OMG! Then I had to watch a gang of youtube tutorials on how to get my videos back... and let me tell you, I had a total breakdown! smh, lol... But luckily my Babe came to save the day and retrieved all my videos! So yes, I am LATE! Once again! But this year I was determined to hop on the trend! So here is my 1st Day of what these young PUFFAS out here call, &quot;VLOGMAS-ING&quot; , lol and I hope you MUTHAPUFFAS enjoy anyways!</p> <p>I have 2 videos to serve y&#39;all MUTHAPUFFAS today so sit back, spark up, and get a DOUBLE DOSE of your TYLER THERAPY today!</p> <p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>KEEP ON PUFFIN WITH ME MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>MUTHAPUFFIN MERCH &amp; EVENTS: WWW.BADMUTHAPUFFA.COM</p> <p>IG: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @tylertherapytheater</p> <p>TIKTOK: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @prettymuthapuffa</p> <p>TWT: Tyler Therapy YouTube: Tyler Therapy</p> <p></p> <p>#christmastime #happyholidays #holidays #holidayseason #christmas #christmas2020 #vlogmas2020</p>