BEAT DEFENDERS WITH THE NUTMEG. USSF Certified Coach, Virginia State Cup Champion, and U15 Boca Soccer Club Head Coach Tyler Cornelio demonstrates two nutmeg techniques to beat defenders in this soccer dribbling tutorial. In the first progression, one player begins by dribbling at a defender. Once there is minimal space between them, the dribbler takes a touch to the inside with the inside of their foot, and as the defender steps to stay in front of them the dribbler quickly uses the outside of the same foot to tap the ball through the opponent's open legs, and then runs around them to collect the ball on the other side. In the second variation, the dribbler starts with an outside step over to get the defender to open their legs, and then uses the inside of their other foot to push the ball through the defender's legs before running around them to collect the ball on the other side. This dribble is a great way to beat defenders in soccer. While this is a more advanced dribble and on the flashy side, it can still be one of the most effective soccer moves. Nutmegs are seen fairly frequently at higher levels and professional games. While this is a valuable addition to any attacker's toolbox, players should use it sparingly to avoid becoming predictable. It works best when the defender doesn't expect it, so it shouldn't be a player's go-to dribble, but rather an occasional move that is used effectively when the circumstance is right. A successful nutmeg is very difficult for the defender to recover from, so once past them the attacker should speed up and break away into space. By adding another option for attackers when learning how to dribble, this is sure to make them more effective.