Episode 1: Cooking Stoned

<p>HELLO! Thanks for clicking on my video! :D</p> <p>Welcome to the very first episode of,Cooking Stoned. Todays video we will be making Jalapeno Popper Chicken, recepie taken offPinterest,while getting as planetery stoned as we can get.</p> <p>So grab whatever you&#39;re smoking, drinking, eating and come get stoned with me. Maybe even cook with me?</p> <p>Hope you enjoy!</p> <p>Dont forget to Like and Subscribe!</p> <p>Stay High loves(:</p> <p>Pinterest Recepie:</p> <p>( https://pin.it/vvoeeg3rtzpaiu )</p> <p>Follow me on Insta and Twitter: @stonedmuse_</p>