Caught on camera: Three-storied building collapses in Bengaluru

An under construction building fell like a house of cards behind an under construction site in the Majestic area of Bengaluru. Reports suggest that the ground had been dug to a depth of over 80 feet and the building had started to develop cracks since Monday night. There are no reports of any casualties or injuries as authorities had reportedly evacuated the building and nobody was present inside when the building collapsed. However, police and fire services launched an operation to look for any victims who could be stuck under the debris. The building reportedly hosted a hotel and also a lodge. The moment of collapse was caught on camera and the building can be seen coming crashing down and turning into a pile of rubble. The land around the building had reportedly weakened due to the new construction that was underway at the location. Any injuries and casualties were averted as the building had been evacuated before the collapse. Watch the full video of the building collapse for all the details.