Maher: Should People Who Didn't Attend College Subsidize Those Who Did?

HBO 'Real Time' host Bill Maher talks about the popular issue with presidential candidates, free college. Maher said those who did not go to college and poor people would be subsidizing those who went to college and statistically make more than those who did not. Maher said he would be "pissed" and likened the situation to being a renter while financing the people who own the home. "Let me test your liberalism," Maher said to the 'Real Time' panel. "If you have a bachelor degree you on average earn 65% more than someone who doesn't have one. If you have a master's degree, 100% more over the course of your lifetime. So nothing is free like a free lunch. Nope. Neither is college. Somebody will be paying for this free college and it will be taxpayers." "So are we really saying that someone who didn't go to college should be subsidizing the people who went and got the benefit of going to college and made more money? Is that really a liberal thing?" Maher asked. Guest Grover Norquist said the proposal by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be a wealth transfer from lower-income people to higher-income people. "If you're out buying votes, you go with the people you think are going to vote," Norquist said. "It doesn't seem like liberals should be for," Maher said. "They should be for the poorest people." SiriusXM progressive radio host Zerlina Maxwell defended free college, but acknowledged she would also be pissed if you didn't attend college and paid for those who did. Maxwell also warned if Democrats keep emphasizing the "free" part it may cause the policy to die on the vine because the word 'free' is often aligned with the thought of black people. "I don't like free college as a message because it seems like everybody gets it and we know that when we say 'free' everyone thinks it means black people and usually those plans die on the vine, seriously," Maxwell said. "If you spent 18 years paying off your college debt and then they turn around and make it free for the next guy, you'll be okay with that?" Maher asked Maxwell. "I'd be pissed," he added. "Well, I would be pissed," Maxwell said. "Because I don't necessarily look at it like I didn't get that benefit so people who are coming behind me should not. I don't think any of us, two progressives, feel that way. We're for changing things to make them a little bit better."