Veg Update / New Methods / Dual Mars Hydro SP 3000's

<p>It&#39;s been a while and time for an update on all that has been going on these last few weeks! I am very excited to get into the Organic Living Soil that I have been working on over the last few weeks. Lots of new methods to come for this grow!</p> <p>Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Please consider subscribing to my Channel (It&rsquo;s free!) and stay tuned for new grow room updates and product reviews. Lot&#39;s of content to come on this channel!</p> <p>Hi, I&#39;m Jay, a private indoor Cannabis grower in Alberta, Canada. Watch me as I test new and upcoming products in ever changing world of Cannabis growing! With doing ongoing education in the Cannabis Horticulture sector, I am always eager to update my methods and products for growing. My purpose with this channel is to educate and do reviews and non-biased comparisons on new products and strains.</p> <p>Check Out Mars Hydro for your grow light and tent needs! Mars Hydro SP3000 Light: US: CA: EU: AU: RU:</p> <p>Like edibles? Check out Paracanna Zen Zingers: Enter &lsquo;friendsofjay&rsquo; at checkout for 15% off your order!</p> <p>Follow me on Instagram @_Jaygrows</p> <p>Email for contact and business inquiries:</p>