Strain Review Lilac Diesel By REDECAN

<p>Here I have Lilac Diesel a sativa dominant hybrid strain by REDECAN. With this batch coming in at 19.2% THC. I find the strain awakens your senses a bit making it good for outdoor activities or just gaming out with the homies. I myself enjoy the high, as long as I&#39;m not writing a speech or something. I&#39;ll probably forget what it&#39;s about. Oh and when I said &quot;after that second bong hit&quot; I should have added &quot;that sharp tingle got a little stronger&quot; Bought at CannaCo in Trenton, Ontario.</p> <p>CODES chilllchris15 for 15% off <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqa1otWUdwUmxXanMwSFUwRy1lczVLWU5ndGlqUXxBQ3Jtc0tsSnRJTzI1aUlEVi1hWko5aUh4elJkdGlWVXpXWmxHVTdFNnF5WmU1VkJaRTM4ajFMS3BoN0E2dGllUWtJQzZNQXhzR0FmLUVMVjdRTVhtZmMya1A2YUdpZ2FpaExRQkpSNDZkY1ZZNkQybVFNTklETQ&amp;" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>CHILLVIBE for $20 off<a href=""></a></p>