In this soccer lesson, Reactive Defensive Positioning & Speed, the focus is on improving a player's receiving and decision-making, utilizing FITLIGHT®. The purpose of the drill is to work on FIRST TOUCH, DECISION MAKING, and REACTION SPEED. A player starts standing opposite their coach. There is one FITLIGHT® next to the coach, and two behind the coach, one on each side. The coach will activate the trigger light beside them and then feed the ball at varying heights and power into the player. Once the trigger light is activated, one of the two FITLIGHT® behind the coach will light up as the ball is fed to the player. The player must take a positive first touch toward the activated light, and dribble to deactivate it. Players should be on the balls of their feet waiting to receive, as they’ll need to respond to the ball very quickly. Players should be using all areas of their feet, thighs, and chest, on both sides, to control the ball, depending on its height. It’s very important that their first touch is a positive touch toward the active light. If they can’t react fast enough, the coach should give a short pause before feeding the ball. The decision on which direction to go must be made before the ball reaches the player. As they improve, the coach can serve the ball faster and in more difficult ways. This drill is great for all positions. The difficulty can be varied by the incoming pass - harder and bouncing passes are more difficult, softer passes to feet will be easier. The player should use both feet, and always take a positive first touch towards the active light.