Sisters Surprise Parents With Family Portrait That Includes Late Brother

A couple could not hold back their tears when their daughter surprised them with a family portrait that included their late brother, who the siblings never knew and died when he was just five years old. Hannia Saurett Martin, 22, and her sister Isle, 24, never knew their older brother, Gerardo, growing up, but they had always seen him as a "pillar of the family." According to Hannia, Gerardo – who would now be 28 – died of a stroke on November 5, 2000, after falling on some stairs on October 25 the previous month. The experience was extremely tough on Gerardo's parents, as his mom, Maria, 52, was pregnant with Hannia at the time. During Hannia and Isle's younger years, Maria and her husband Roger, 53, would speak of Gerardo with great affection – and so the siblings, now adults, wanted to give their parents something to truly remember him by. Having sourced some photos of Gerardo when he was younger, the pair contacted artist Nahomy McQueen, a popular illustrator on TikTok, and asked if she could create a work that included their sibling. As Nahomy worked on the piece, she documented videos every step of the way. Then, on December 24, 2022, as part of their parents' Christmas gift, Hannia and Isle presented their parents with the portrait at a restaurant in Los Cabos, Mexico.