FRUITY CHRONIC JUICE, She's looking good, in early week 4 of flower. Daily Garden Vlog 10 13 19

<p></p> <p>Good Morning!! say hello to fruity chronic juice, this Indica dominant hybrid is only in week 4 of flower! This is a great tasting strain that my patients have found helpful for pain.</p> <p>**** WEEDTUBE DAILY EXCLUSIVE UPLOAD ****<br /> GRANDDADDY PURPLE SEED TO HARVEST, WEEK 4</p> <p>Here&#39;s a link to the BOTANY RESEARCH YOUTUBE CHANNEL:<br /><br /> This is where we will be conducting all sorts of experiments with very detailed updates. We will help you dial in and unlock your plants. on this channel we will create all sorts of plant deficiencies as well as surpluses and show you how to correct them! we will also play around with different grow equipment, different nutrients, and even plant growth regulators! all sorts of fun experiments...</p> <p>We livestream on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Denver Mountain Time on Channel WIZARD NPK LIVE<br /> SUBSCRIBE:</p> <p>About me: I&#39;m a state registered and licensed, law abiding, medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who consume a lot of marijuana.I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility.Please do not copy what I do here if you&#39;re not somewhere where you legally are allowed to do so.</p> <p>Save 10% when buying the same Hydroponic Nutrients We Grow With, use coupon code WIZARDNPK:</p> <p>Needing Some LED GROW LIGHTS? Save 10% with Mars Hydro with coupon code WNPK<br /></p> <p>Best Source for Grow Equipment &amp; Nutrients<br /> Growers House. They are competitive and ship quick.</p> <p>You&#39;re purchasing from the above companies helps support this channel. Your support is GREATLY appreciated.</p> <p>We love getting fan mail from you guys. Here is our address if you feel like sending us something, but please don&#39;t send us weed, we got plenty!</p> <p>Wizard NPK<br /> 7830 W Alameda Ave<br /> Ste 103,Box 271<br /> Lakewood, CO 80226</p>