Peter Schweizer: Senate Needs To Force Hunter Biden to Testify On His Ukrainian & Chinese Business Deals

Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer in an interview with FNC's Laura Ingraham called for former Vice President and 2020 White House contender Joe Biden's son to testify before the U.S. Senate about business dealings with Ukraine and China. <blockquote>LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: The president calling for an investigation into the financial connection between China and the Biden family. Tonight we are learning more about Biden's overseas ties. Buried 11 paragraphs inside an article called "<a href="">Trump's Demands For An Investigation Of Opponents Draw Intensifying Criticism</a>" The New York Times detailed that in addition to his China and Ukraine connection Biden's son Hunter also advised a Romanian businessman who eventually was convicted and imprisoned for corruption. He even vouched for him in front of Congress. With me now is Peter Schweitzer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute and the author of the book "<A href="">Secret Empires</a>." You have been months ahead of "The New York Times" and other publications on this issue. Why has the Biden family escaped scrutiny on these ties for so long, especially when they are combing through every white Russian that a Trump family member ever drank -- when they don't drink. PETER SCHWEITZER: It's a great question and it's a combination of things, but the bottom line is scrutiny has not been there. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden went to China in December of 2013, 10 days after that trip Hunter Biden gets a billion-dollar deal with the Chinese government, the media never covers it. In 2014, he strikes a deal with the Ukrainians and it's covered a little bit. But they don't know the terms of it. The parade goes on. We go from China to Ukraine and now to Romania, where this businessman in Romania, Mr. Popovich, is brought up on corruption charges and convicted in his own country, according to the Romanian media, he hired Hunter Biden to lobby on his behalf into the United States, in effect to get the United States government to call off the Ukrainians from their prosecution and eventual imprisonment of this businessman. LAURA INGRAHAM: Was Hunter Biden even registered as a foreign lobbyist? PETER SCHWEITZER: No. He was not registered as a lobbyist. He was a lobbyist up until 2008 when his father ran for vice president. He represented online gambling companies. He took on this case and he did not register as a foreign agent that he did not register as a lobbyist period. LAURA INGRAHAM: This reminds me of when Hillary was secretary of state and then the Clinton Foundation started getting all these donations from all these foreign governments and then they all dried up when her presidential ambitions went up in flames. It's the same kind of deal, except it's not for process. PETER SCHWEITZER: That's exactly right. The mystifying thing is that you and I both know and I think most Americans know if the name here was Don Jr. and not Hunter Biden that the media would be all over this, and it is surprising to me the lack of curiosity that a sitting vice president's son is striking three major deals with the Chinese government while he is steering U.S. policy towards China. The deal with Ukraine. All of this stuff. If this was Don Jr, you know he would be sitting in front of Congress, and he should, if he did that. Hunter Biden needs to do that. The Senate needs to ask him to testify. LAURA INGRAHAM: Where are the other Democratic candidates asking this? They have a curious lack of interest in this.</blockquote>