Design & Engineering Insights: Balluff Says Smarter Sensors will Enable Better Data Collection

Will Healy III, Industry Strategy Manager, Balluff Inc., and Robert Crumley, Industry Account Manager, Balluff Inc., provide their insight into the continued development of smart systems and components, and what that will mean for the heavy-duty off-highway equipment industry. Crumley notes that data collection and machine connectivity starts with smarter sensors which not only provide information for the original intent but also other parameters. Smarter systems will continue needing more processing power and processing capabilities to handle the additional data coming into them. With these smarter technologies, the goal is to go beyond knowing where a truck or piece of equipment is, as is the case currently. Instead, vehicle and equipment owners will be able to get insight into a system via the sensor information to better evaluate performance "Being able to get that out of more devices on the machine and on the equipment is going to be important," says Healy.