Best Friends Discover They're Pregnant At The Same Time | Happily TV

A woman who wanted to capture her best friend's reaction to her pregnancy news was shocked when she announced on the video that she was pregnant, too. Brianne Martin, 30, waited weeks to tell her best friend, Ashton Kelly, 28, as the pair live an hour apart and Brianne wanted to see Ashton's reaction in person. Knowing that Brianne and Ashton were both going through first-trimester sickness, their husbands suggested a spa day together so that they could relax and catch up on some much-needed rest. Brianne, from Knoxville, Tennessee, thought this trip would be the perfect time to surprise Ashton with her news. Opting against telling her best friend in front of the spa's staff, Brianne captured Ashton's reaction outside a Starbucks before the pair headed for their treatment on October 17, 2023. Sipping her coffee and with her cellphone set to record, Brianne started shooting a selfie video, saying she wanted to capture them both trying their drinks. But then, Brianne said she had something to tell her friend: "I lied to you this week. I wasn't sick. I'm pregnant!" Right on cue, without pausing to take in the announcement, Ashton nodded a split second later and immediately replied, "I'm pregnant too!"