Cannabis Culture differences between Flower and Extracts - WeedanWine's Podcast Episode 1

<p>This is the first episode of WeedanWine&#39;s podcast. Today&#39;s episode is talking about how cannabis culture and traditions affect how we consume cannabis, and how this differs in our general attitudes between Flower and Extracts. Most people will burn weed in a joint, blunt, pipe or bong and that&#39;s how it is.<br /> <br /> The fact that they could be more stoned with less weed vaporising that flower doesn&#39;t matter. The thing that makes the most impact is the cultural touchstones that people have with cannabis, and these are based around combustion.</p> <p>As always thank you to everyone who watches my content, please don&#39;t forget to like, share and subscribe</p> <p>The code WEEDWINE gets you 10% off at</p> <p>Follow me on Twitter, Instagram &amp; Periscope<br /> @weedanwine</p>