Sunday Edition: House Speaker Vote, GSL Bills, Utah's New State Flag

This week on Sunday Edition, we look at the new congress in Washington, D.C. and the divided House Republicans who struggled for days to elect a new House speaker. Representative Chris Stewart walks us through the voting process, the GOP hold-outs, and the impact this has on the new congress getting to work. We also look at an emergency briefing calling on Utah lawmakers to take bold action to save the Great Salt Lake. Lead author, Ben Abbott, talks to us about the briefing and what researchers say lawmakers must do to prevent the lake from disappearing in the next five years. Plus, this month, state lawmakers will have the final vote on the new design for the new state flag. State Senator Daniel McCay is on the Utah State Flag task force and sponsored the State Flag Amendments bill. He walks us through the process of finding a new flag design that started two years ago and what is next in the process.