MASTER THE LONG BALL - Winning Passing Skills

MASTER THE LONG BALL - Winning Passing Skills. USSF certified coach and former NAIA All-American Mike Araujo teaches a drill for learning and mastering the long ball in this football training video. In the first progression, players aim to play a firm low pass that skips along the ground. They should strike with their laces, have their body over the ball, and cut off their follow through. The strike should have minimal spin and coast quickly through the air low to the ground to find their teammate's feet. The second progression demonstrates a higher floated pass, which will not travel as fast but is much higher off the ground and will allow players to find teammates who opponents would block a ground pass to. Finally, in the third progression the receiver should look to control the ball as close to a cone as possible. This will train their first touch, and then properly set them up for the next long ball pass. Being able to successfully connect these types of passes will take a players game to the next level, particularly for defenders and midfielders. It is critical for higher level players, and is a huge asset to a team if a player can hit long balls accurately and consistently. This drill should be practiced as frequently as needed, and with both feet.