Topping Marijuana For Increased Yields and Fine Tuning The Mars Hydro TS1000

<p>Topping marijuana for increased yields and fine tuning the mars hydro TS1000 is a video on getting bigger plants with a high stress training technique. We cut the main shoot of the plant to create many more shoots to grow toward the light. We will also be talking more about the Mars Hydro TS1000 light and how to up the intensity and brightness of the LEDs.</p> <p>Check out Mars Hydro products Here: Use coupon code ENT for a discount at checkout too!</p> <p>Need Seeds? These guys are my new favorite seedbank!</p> <p>For Business Inquiries, email me at</p> <p>Check out my Instagram:</p> <p></p> <p>My Products List for Experience Natural Trees</p> <p>My Equipment:</p> <p>My Camera:</p> <p>Grow Tent:</p> <p>Grow Light:</p> <p>Carbon Filter and Fan:</p> <p>Grow Bags:</p> <p>Infrared Heater for Winter:</p> <p>Cost Effective PH Pen:</p> <p>PH Pen I use:</p> <p>Nutrients I use:</p> <p>EC Tester:</p> <p>Trimming Scissors:</p> <p>Materials For Spidermite Eradication:</p> <p>Garden Insect Spray:</p> <p>Take Down Spray Ready-To-Use:</p> <p>1 Gallon Insecticide Sprayer:</p> <p></p> <p>Low Stress Training Equipment:</p> <p>Garden Wire:</p> <p>Drill Bit Set:</p>