MemberBerries | A Stoner Story about a name | GirlAlive is loopy AF | Just watch it XD

<p>Easier to watch than describe XD</p> <p>I tried to do a live video on my Instagram (@GirlAlive420)on Friday the 11th (the same night I am uploading).</p> <p>The damn thing kept freezing. So I took out the gopro that I am borrowing from my step-dad and recorded the whole story to share with you all.<br /> <br /> It&#39;s not as funny as when it happened, but I tried, okay! LMAO</p> <p>I hope you all enjoy this minimally edited video that I have recorded, edited, and uploaded for you all tonight. :)</p> <p>Much Love!</p> <p>~GirlAlive~</p> <p></p> <p>Seriously though, if you want my links, until I get these all updated with information, just check out my on my Instagram profile &lt;3 @GirlAlive420</p> <p></p>