Seedsman's Gelat OG Autoflower Week 7

<p>? Week 7 is here friends!! We noticed some bleaching on a few of the higher tops so decided to move the MarsHydro again, from 18&quot;to 20&quot; ..We underestimated how powerful this light actually is, don&#39;t make this mistake too.. We no longer have access to a functioning PAR meter so we&#39;re relying exclusively on plant response, Google and some guess work to dial in..I don&#39;t think we&#39;ve done this strain by Seedsman much justice with all the problems we&#39;ve had but if anything, its a testament to how resilient this strain is.. despite the rocky first half, it still looks to be a decent yield ...High light intensity definitely explains why we&#39;ve been feeding so much (and a handful of other issues we&#39;ve been chancing lol).. I wish we put this together sooner but I&#39;m thankful we caught this when we did... We gave all plants another moderate feeding after moving the light (still waiting on a calmag re-up) , but I think they&#39;ll be just fine ??.. we&#39;re hoping that 20&quot; in flower might be the sweet spot with this model.. it should be smooth sailing from here on out..thanks for reading if you made it this far and happy harvests everyone!</p> <p>Nutes: FF Trio Big Bloom:10ml/gal Tiger Bloom:5ml/gal Grow Big: 5ml/gal Cal-Mag: 0ml/gal</p> <p>**************************<br /> Great genetics DEFINITELY worth checking out!! ❤? :<br /><br /> Use Code &quot;Kitties&quot; for -10% off your next order!! ??<br /> ***************************</p>