quick update - week #8 - some harvesting :-)

Nothing for sale. Quick update on what my Sunday after the Superbowl looked like. Week #8 of flower had to cut a few of the plants down for space sake, as I prepare for the next crop. I will be leaving most of the plants for another week before cut, but this gave me space in the 2x2 tent to start the drying process. #cultuvars featured on this video “Black lic” #blacklic from @hawaiianheirloomgenetics Also a cross I made from that, crossed with a “pineapple Mac” #pineapplemac from @swiipkiidon The “blueberry Mac” #blueberrymac from @cannabinology And the “sunset sherbert” #sunsetsherbert from @jungleboys Yeah! Room smelled crazy! Nothing for sale