May weed haul // my cheapest haul yet

<p>Hai! Sorry for the lack of content! I was without wifi for almsot 3 weeks! But I am now back with my uploads! So here&#39;s my May weed haul!<br /> As always if you enjoyed please LIKE &amp; SUBSCRIBE!</p> <p>use code janelle_uncensored @ for 10% off</p> <p>I have a main and back-up IG!<br /> IG ACCOUNTS@janelle_uncensored @an.uncensored.mess</p> <p>My &#39;extra&#39; content!<br /> ONLYFANS</p> <p>I stream video games and chit chats!<br /> TWITCH</p> <p>I sell hand made stoner jewlery, roach clips, lighters and more!<br /> ETSY</p> <p>I sell a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories!<br /> POSHMARK</p> <p>YOUTUBE</p>