Grow Tent & Accessories Guide

<p>A quick guide on grow tents sizes, options, and the tools you&#39;ll need with it to have a successful grow.</p> <p>For a complete list of the grow tents and accessories covered in this video go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> For a list of the seed banks I have experience with and recommend go to <a href=";h=AT3sWDky5cBrmF_N9hdK7Sm2lGNdHQ2WxEvG0_gDmEBxiFwXFJLzoDQ93LVTogT-vRxV8dApF0RIY1zTw2xWx1P4J0cm1DYj1mqnycQGcFJzEIaKttyaWGA-1PkJsbaPfG-aZ9jB308GRLZVySQT060" target="_blank"></a> Like the content? Then check out the Absolute Beginner&#39;s Guide to Growing Cannabis at <a href=""></a></p>