Doing My Makeup on Edibles 100mgs | Bakedbeauty420

<p>Hello my beautiful stoners!!!! Today we are going balls deep into 100 mgs of an edible and I did my makeup! I honestly gotta say that a beech didn&#39;t do too mf bad!!! I lowkey slayed this shit and beech the color scheme!?!? I LOVE IT! I got really really stoned in this video.. but I had so much fun filming! If you love to do your makeup I highly recommend you do your makeup along with me! Because I lowkey did my makeup along with myself when rewatching this video &amp; It was funny asf. I hope you guys enjoyed this new video if you did please be sure to give this video a thumbs up! &amp; Subscribe if you&#39;re a real one! I love you all so much thank you so much for watching !! Xoxo Bakedbeauty420 &lt;3</p> <p>Where else to follow me:</p> <p>IG: @_bakedbeauty420_</p> <p>Twitter:@_bakedbeauty420</p> <p></p> <p></p>